Monday, November 16, 2009

The World is Selectively Complex

A favorite quip of ultra-liberals is the reminder that the world is complex. Of course, this fact is acknowledged only selectively, when it can support the left wing narrative.

The Fort Hood massacre is said to be a complex situation. Major Nidal Malik Hasan may be Muslim, but we should not jump to conclusions, as President Obama cautioned us. But the George Tiller murder was a rather simple affair. Do you recall any efforts from politicians or from the news media to understand Scott Roeder, the man who killed abortionist George Tiller? On the contrary, where we have been urged to avoid treating this terrorist attack by a radical Muslim in our homeland as a typical Islamic trait, the Tiller murder was widely criticized as a typical anti-abortion, right wing act.

collection of Fort Hood stories
collection of George Tiller stories

Have you noticed the seldom distinction between legal and illegal immigration? There are xenophobes and racists who oppose all immigration, but there are many LEGAL immigrants who oppose illegal immigration, and insist that our government should acknowledge the difference. The media's selective use of the distinction should be concerning to those of us who operate by common sense, which apparently isn't so common among journalists.

collection of stories on immigration

Climate change "deniers" are not deniers of any legitimate facts. Junk science deniers reject the blind assumption normal human activity is destroying the planet. Yet the global warming alarmists are denying that this current ebb of climate change could be natural. You may not have heard the founder of the Weather Channel is suing Al Gore, or that 30,000 scientists disagree that human activity has any significant impact on earth's climate. Suddenly we're supposed to accept an over simplified conclusion from fraudulent science as proof that Al Gore finally found something he knows something about (even if he turns out to be wrong)? What happened to not jumping to conclusions? What happened to a nuanced look at a complex situation?

collection of stories on global warming

We can't drill our way out of an energy crisis but we can spend our way out of a recession.

collection of stories on the recession

No attempt to understand the situation when America's military is accused of a crime.

Navy SEALS Criminally Charged for roughing up a terrorist

We're supposed to believe our elected officials always have our best interests at heart. No need to question their motives or the news media who obviously support their efforts to take care of us. For 8 years we were told not to trust the president; now we are told precisely the opposite.

collection of stories on the health care

There are no liberal extremists, only right wing extremists. When you are an ultra-liberal, even moderate leftists like David Brooks seem "conservative" to you. Ever wonder why you rarely if ever see a news story condemning left wing extremism but frequently hear terms like ultra-conservative, religious right (used as synonymous with extremism), right wing extremists, etc.?

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