Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fetuses are people?

This absurd pic has been circulated around the internet of late. Under the guise of being ironic there are some ridiculous assertions made here.

First, are there any laws in the United States preventing gay people from voting or from paying taxes? Of course not. Are there any laws in this country preventing gay people from having a ceremony or from associating with each other, or from living together? None that I know of.

I'm not quite sure when the United States government ever prevented anyone from paying taxes but the comment about voting is obviously meant to make us think gays are being treated as blacks were treated for quite some time in America's past (ironically, by Democrats, not by Republicans). And that is the absurdity here: that gays are trying to force everyone to accept the idea that marriage has always meant anyone can marry anyone. The fact is there has never been a time in American history where this was true, and I'd like to see an example of any time any where in which it was.

Every civilized society has rules about what marriage means and what it doesn't mean. In some societies a man can marry more than one woman; this is not the case in America - if you are married you do not have a right to marry another. There are some societies where a 50-something year old man can marry (and consummate the marriage with) a 9 year old girl; but that is not American society. There are some societies where one person can be legally forced to marry another, against their will; but not here. The concept of marriage is one of the fundamentals of civilization, and there are limits on it. These limits are necessary to help sustain a peaceable society. Another very common limitation is that marriage can occur only between a man and a woman.

Gay activists do not like this latter limitation. But to better promote their agenda we are told gays are "born that way" just as people of dark skin color are "born that way." Numerous studies have been conducted to prove this assertion about gays, and failed. But we are not supposed to mention this - we are supposed to "know" each premise of the gay agenda is perfectly reliable when in fact no one knows anything of the kind. We are not supposed to question anything the gay agenda says or fails to say. We are not supposed to think for ourselves about the alleged connections between gay activism and the civil rights movement. The proper thing for us to do is turn of our minds in the name of open mindedness. To avoid being called ignorant we are to avoid thinking through the argument at all. In our modern progressive culture tolerance no longer means tolerance; it means acceptance. We are to allow convictions to substitute for facts.

There are others who ignorantly suggest hypocrisy on the part of those who challenge the idea of "gay marriage." It seems fairly clear that short lived celebrity marriages, adultery, rampant divorce, and other things are in fact significantly contributing to ever increasing strife in our society. Most people who oppose changing the currently accepted definition of marriage typically also acknowledge the harm these other foolish and/or selfish acts inflict upon civilization.

But, just like marriage, there are limits on tolerance and open mindedness (and honesty). Anyone who understands the necessity of limitations on marriage are not to be tolerated. Hate speech against those who recognize those limitations is regarded as compassion. The situation is not to be acknowledged as an attempt to change marriage, only as a denial of rights. The tragic situation of dysfunctional personal relationships and broken families (which is evidence that dishonoring marriage actually does inflict harm on society) are perversely used as further justification of the gay agenda. Another irony is that gay activists are entitled to see the situation as they wish, but no one who may disagree in the slightest degree is entitled to an opinion the matter.

Another absurd suggestion from the above photo is that gay people are denied their very humanity, just as it was for a time denied that blacks were people at all. There is actually another group of people who currently are legally denied their very humanity. The law of the land denies this group are people at all, so that they have no rights. If any contemporary group can legitimately be compared to slavery or to the civil rights movement it is not gays, but a different group entirely.
If our society really valued justice and despised hate and discrimination it would be infinitely more indignant about the abuse of children in the womb. If discrimination really harms society (which in many cases it does) so too does abortion. If you agree, please feel free to share this photo.

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